taking payment - day of - square app

1. step one — app

* make sure your cashiers have the app downloaded onto their phones!

* double check with venue on what the wifi is.

* once they have the app, please have them select “sign in”.

2. step two — sign in

* login : hello@closetraid.ca password : bethandtif

* this is the most important step...so make sure they sign into our account please!!

3. step three — location

* have the cashier select the correct city

* all the cities are pre-set to the correct taxes.

* this is also how we’re going to keep sales in each city separate.

4. step four — ring through those sales!!

* they should be good to go with ringing everything through.

* most girls should know the system, it’s super simple.

* just play around with the app before the event so you’re comfortable with it.

customer info :

* please have all customers fill out the sheet you will have printed from the event sigange folder on your google drive

*you will be responsible to get the float and reimburse yourself from the cashbox at the end of the sale