email two

sample seller email

 (send to all confirmed sellers)

hi ____,

thanks for taking part in our spring 2017 event for van on saturday, june 10th. we couldn’t do it without you and appreciate your support in reducing clothing waste! just fill out your application as soon as you can, ideally by june 7th:


here are some details that you need to know as a seller:

vancouver event manager contact

name: tifanee po

phone number: (403) 796-5665



event set up details

date: friday, june 9th from 4-8pm

location: the red bull lounge (1128 homer street) - yaletown!


*the “set up” is where your items get priced! we want to make sure you’re comfortable with the price ranges and that they’re consistent. we’ll have all the supplies set up for you to use and will guide you through the process. it should

take you about 1 hour to complete, depending on how many items you have. you can stop by anytime within the denoted

time frame! all you need to bring is your clothing and hangers for your tops!



date: saturday, june 10th from 1-5pm

location: the red bull lounge

*as we want closet raid to be a community event, we ask that all sellers help us host it! we have everyone in positions to support the operations...and just have fun ;) let me know if theres something specific you want to do!!


clean up

date: saturday, june 10th from 4:30-6pm

*we complete our clean up at the end of the event - same day. you’ll just need to take your clothing that hasn’t sold during this time frame, or donate it.



*you will receive your e-transfer for the items you’ve sold 5-10 days after the event.

password for all e-transfers: closetraid

sent to: email you provided the event manager

note: for any e-transfer cancellations needed due to a seller issue (i.e. incorrect email provided, delay in accepting funds or incorrect password insertion), incurred banking fees willbe deducted from the pay out. **please note, each cancellation and re-send of money costs $7.



*the more people we have attending the event, the more clothing you will’s simple! we just need you to invite all your friends through facebook to the event - please specifically invite ...we get better traction this way!! instagram pictures : attach photos


let me know if you have any questions or if you have more referrals that are going to fill out some application forms!!!