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sample applicant email response (send to interested sellers that have not filled out an application form)


thanks for your interest in participating at our toronto event! our main focus at closet raid is to reduce clothing waste -we’re very passionate about clothing reuse and like to create more conscious consumers. we bring together about 10-15 girls to sell their “no longer loved” items at a pop-up consignment event that we host. most of the girls come from retail backgrounds, specifically aritzia, as those are where most of our networks come from! we have a set up night where everyone stops by the venue to price and sort their items. this ensures that the participants are comfortable with the pricing. we then have everyone help out the day of the event in the form of a “shift” (about 4 hours). items all get picked up at the end of the event. if items are not picked up, we donate them to a local charity (diabetes canada). sellers get to keep 30% of their clothing sales, if they help out and work a shift on the event day. for sellers who prefer to not work, we allow them to only keep 50% of their clothing sales.we e-transfer money to sellers afterward, approximately 5-10 days after the event. we need to make sure we have a good size run of clothing, so would need a breakdown of what you have :) if you’re interested in being a seller, please fill out an application form online:

thanks again and please let me know if you have any additional questions!